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“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” 

― Mark Twain

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Let me introduce ourselves ...


We’re Ken and Lou Jaremco, and we’ve been partners in life and business

for 40 years. We’ve traveled the world in pursuit of business opportunities

and for pleasure, and after decades in the manufacturing business we think

we’ve found the perfect retirement project. Best of all, it’s all about

whisky: our love of whisky, our friendships with the people we’ve met through

whisky, and our desire to save precious drams of whisky from going down

the drain.


My first exposure to scotch was J&B in the late ‘70s. I developed a taste for

it and decided I should explore other brands, which at that time were limited

to blended scotch. One Christmas, Lou bought me a bottle of Chivas Regal

It was as good a gift as a man could ask for. I drank blended scotch for many

years and continue to do so as the mood strikes me.


Then, one fall day, our neighbours Michael and Barbara Smith changed our lives forever when Mike introduced me to single malt scotch. This was nearly 20 years after my introduction to blended scotch and I never looked back. Over the years that followed, Michael and I enjoyed hundreds of different single malts and never found a bad one. Some are better than others and some have an acquired taste. There are so many ways to describe them: smoky, peaty, sherry, oaky, hints of citrus, vanilla, spices, chocolate, coffee, honey-flavoured, and so on. At first, these are difficult to detect, but over time taste profiles became easier to identify. Mike shared freely his vast collection of knowledge and spirits in the manner in which it was meant to be shared: unreservedly and without conditions.... 


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